Welcome! If you are here, it is because you are like many of us. You are growing weary of sitting back and watching, and you would like to join for a day with other like minded Americans who demand transparency and justice. Transparency in government, so that “We the People” can see what our elected officials and institutions are doing on BEHALF of all Americans, and justice for those who have been usurping the rule of law, cloaked in the shadows and without accountability- using corruption as their shield.

Come March with us!

 Saturday, April 7th

We will be marching on Saturday, April 7th at 9:00AM, from the White House to the Justice Department and then to the National Mall, for a great afternoon of camaraderie and speakers. “RSVPto let us know you will be in attendance. We want to show the powers that be and the mainstream media that we are many, and we are no longer the “silent” majority or the “forgotten” men and women. We are loud, we are strong, and we are here to support those doing good work, and shine a light to let those who have been slinking around in the shadows know that “we see you” and we aren’t going to accept it any longer.

There are no more excuses. Let your voice be heard! We have updated our Travel Page. Please take a look for information on discounted hotels and getting around D.C. We can not wait to see you on April 7th!


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